Power Anywhere, Anytime

Never worry about hunting for sockets again. Our charging stations provide reliable, on-the-go charging wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Shared Charge Station Locations

Locations offering our charging station bank service become a preferred choice among users. There is no obligation to return it to the place you picked it up.

Swift Charging Boost

Thanks to the power they pack, our charging station can recharge your mobile devices to 60-80% within just an hour. It is important to save time.


Shared Power, Connected Energy, Charging Together, Anywhere

Shared charging stations offer users the freedom to stay connected. They uniteeveryone's energy to charge devices, becoming a constant power sourceduring travels, meetings, or daily life. Share, charge up, stayconnected!

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Frequently asked questıons - faq

To access the Doldurdum shared charging stations, you have the option to use either a credit card or other digital payment modes within the Doldurdum mobile application.

Discover the widespread network of Doldurdum shared services across numerous locations, primarily present in places like metro stations, shopping malls, airports, universities, and cafes. To locate the nearest station, simply check the map page on the Doldurdum app.

In case of any issues arising from the Doldurdum charging stations charging stations, you can reach out to the Doldurdum support team. Our support center will always be there to assist you in finding a solution.

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